Goddess Whispers

52 Weekly whispers from the Goddess


Jude Downes

The Goddess Whispers are 52 weekly whispers to encourage you on your journey in life. You can work with them to create a new chapter in your life story or to encourage your journey.  All 52 weeks are within the PDF with instructions on working with them. The key to working the The Goddess Whispers is to believe in you and your journey even when chaos may decide to walk with you for a time. Each whisper is a loving message to your soul.

The Goddess Whispers will help you open your heart and see the beauty of your heart centre. These Goddess Whispers will encourage you to be in the moment ~ with love.

Delivered to you as a downloadable PDF.

Note: Please be respectful and rather than sharing the work downloaded to you, please ask that people purchase their own copy.

*** No refunds given once the purchase is made.

The awakening of the Feminine Spirit is now!