Dreaming the Seed

Wise Woman

Welcome dear Dreaming the Seed Wisdom-Keepers, you have arrived in a sacred place for connection with earth travelers from around the world. The thing about technology is how close we are and can connect effortlessly!

I love where I live, where I work and who I get to work with in my sacred place in the High Country of Victoria, Australia however, I also journey via zoom. Our readings are, of course, connected with the high energy of place here.

On this page you will find links for my books, cards, readings and blueprints. My own pathway through life has been about following the signposts that led me to create all I do. Each of those signposts brought me here to connect with you. I am looking forward to posting you a book to wherever you in the world or reading for you or working on your blueprint.

When souls connect, that’s when the magic happens.

With Love

Jude X

"Empowering women to empower themselves... to take the seed of a dream and nurture it into creation"