Dreaming the Seed Blueprint


Jude Downes

Dreaming the Seed is a sacred Blueprint for WOMAN for working with Healing & Creating in wholeness.

Dreaming the Seed Blueprints come with a report via PDF in an email or here in Tolmie Australia for understanding the aspects of your current cycle as well as discovering what seeds you are working with to inspire your own creative spirit.

This Dreaming the Seed blueprint offers you a platform on which to begin the next step on your journey of understanding how we create in wholeness, with the assistance of the higher realms, the ones I call the Ancient Ones.

In this Dreaming the Seed Blueprint the Ancient Ones tell me this is a beginning point and that you can create the life you want to see in this world armed with knowledge of what assists you to create profound change in your life. Creation needs a beginning point. The Ancient Ones say that this sacred Dreaming the Seed Blueprint is a ‘mathematically designed series of synergistic events that activate the journey’.

Flow with the journey as you dive deep into your wholeness with love, compassion, joy, harmony with the help of this 5th dimensional and above vibration.

The understanding of it will come over the months ahead rather than all in one reading.

Each blueprint also now also includes your information about your Sacred Feminine Principle overlay…

 Your blueprint is accompanied by a 90-minute session via zoom or in person here in Tolmie about your blueprint, your soul pathway now with intuitive messages, my formula for clearing blocks in the road of life and we complete the session with a guided meditation to anchor your seeds of change.

*** From 9th February to 1st May 2024 the investment is $295.00 for the blueprint and 90-minute blueprint session. Any follow up mentoring you may choose is currently $150.00 for 45 minutes. Note: All appointments are in the morning Australian east coast time.

INote: Once purchased I will ask for some numbers you choose intuitively.

                 …No refunds offered once purchased…
Note: Sometimes emails get lost in transit along the way so please check spam folders for my response to your booking…

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