It’s Winter

I love winter here as we have several beautiful snowfalls throughout the season and it is truly magical. The silence that comes with snow cocoons me in a place of quiet solitude for a time. That’s after I have jumped up and down like a kid and run around in the snow for a while that is.

When my beautiful Moo girl was alive she would run around and dive into the snow and create snow angels (see pic below). Winter is a time for me to go within and process what needs healing, what needs some action applied and creating plans for the spring to come with its new growth.

Our mountain or hill as it’s called is only 1060mts high however the fact it gets snow is a blessing. We have just had the winter solstice here in Australia as we celebrate the reemergence of the light. There are many days over winter where we have the cloud kiss the earth and we can’t see the mountains or the trees more than a few mts away. This is a time for warm fires, hot cocoa and going within, so that is what I do. I don’t mind gardening in the winter but at almost zero degrees on many days it can be a tad cool (understatement).

My favourite days are after it’s snowed and the sky is blue as seen in the pic above. My super favourite days are when I open my blinds on all the windows of a morning and I can see the mob of kangaroos and the many deer or hear the magpies sitting on the gazebo warbling a song as three of them were this morning. They are all very special messengers.

I love our natural world, walking with the Goddess here on our mountain.

Come on a journey with me…

With Love

Jude xx