Rise of the Feminine Spirit

Twelve month journey


Jude Downes

The Feminine Spirit is rising … We are in a time of self discovery, challenging old beliefs, embracing the feminine spirit within.

At the beginning of each month, I will discuss an excerpt from The Story of Woman ~ The Mountain which will encourage you to work with WOMAN (who represents all women willing to embrace the strength and courage and direction of the feminine) and where we are in the month ahead as we journey up our own metaphorical mountain toward reach the pinnacle. There will be an excerpt from Rise of the Wise Woman ~ 48 Roads to Self Discovery and which Wise Woman you are working with in the month ahead and how to work with this inner Wise Woman to encourage you on the journey.

Also included is a video meditation, for you to access your inner guidance and a general message for the month ahead and guidance on how to work with the overall picture as a part of your journey.

Rise of the Feminine Spirit is aimed at embracing that part of self that feels into her divinity as sacred.  This program is designed to help you stay focused on the positive aspects of your journey, even when chaos walks with you for a time. Make this beautiful program a part of your journey.

My aim is for women all over the world to be in touch with their feminine spirit, to reach out to her to help navigate life’s amazing journey.

Just $39.00 per month.

*** No refunds given once payment has been made.