The Hill House

I moved to this special place 7 1/2 years ago and when I walked on this land all there was, was some horse sheds and a cottage surrounded by mountains and tall gum trees. I loved it from the moment I walked on this land and entered this quirky cottage and it was basically a blank canvas to create whatever I wanted and needed to create. My new partner told me to create whatever and however I wanted.

Over these years I have created garden rooms, a labyrinth, a sacred standing stone circle. I have painted the inside with colour and brought warmth into this special place. When people visit they emerge from their cars with a sigh and a feeling of wonder and joy. I love creating space for people to feel at peace in their surroundings.

My drive for the past twelve months or more has been about creating space for others to come and be inspired to write, or paint or simply to feel into the space and gardens as I am constantly inspired. This blog will show the magic of place that is our place.

Many long years ago, I was told by my guides that my home, my partner and my business were all linked. Certainly that has all come into being over these past 7 1/2 years and now it’s time for a new ideal, a new dream as I move deeper into my Crone years. I choose to be an inspirer of dreams, someone who empowers others to empower themselves, to embrace the unknown (for now).

Come on a journey with me…

With Love

Jude xx