From Grief to Goddess – eBook

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From Grief to Goddess – eBook

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Who is the Wounded Woman? In short, she is all Women. She is any Woman who has been persecuted, misunderstood, tortured, belittled and betrayed throughout history by any Man or any form of patriarchal rule; the same patriarchy that has raped and pillaged our Mother, our home, our Earth in the name of power. She is any Woman who has been persecuted by her own kind in the name of fear.

Our world has been out of balance for too long. It is our responsibility to bring unequivocal balance to the masculine and feminine, both within ourselves and to our planet. There needs to be a return to equality. We need to stop the systematic destruction of our natural world. The masculine and feminine can once again live in perfect harmony.

By healing the wounded woman within, we will – in turn – heal our wounded Earth Mother.

‘From Grief to Goddess; Healing the Wounded Woman’ was inspired by the author’s natural surroundings. It is the culmination of her sense of passion blended with the simple messages that nature evokes.

The ‘From Grief to Goddess’ meditative stories were written as powerful healing tools, with each providing a metaphor for life’s healing journey.

The metaphoric stories and accompanying healing cards are designed to evoke an internal response that will help you heal a personal story brewing deep within. The healing meditations in the ‘From Grief to Goddess’ book may be explored on their own, as can the ‘From Grief to Goddess Healing Cards’. However, by working with both, the healing can be deeper and more profound.

'Finding myself flying solo again tonight, has given me the opportunity to reflect over the past week.Last Thursday I received the companion book to the gorgeous deck of the same name that I recently discovered.It has kept me quiet for a few days & will do so again, although not for a little while, I need to rest 🙃I have shed many tears, it is filled with so much emotion & truth.I have received so much love & healing from within the pages.I am thankful for the lessons.'
Pages – 104
RRP    –   $22.95
Author – Jude Garrecht
Published by Animal Dreaming Publishing
ISBN –  978-0-9923983-0-9