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Gateway to the Modern Crone

Embrace your sassy Crone! She is awake, she is vibrant and she is ready to be visible and respected.

In a world that has likened aging to being a hag, a woman no longer relevant, the Crone is remembering that her presence and grace is vital in an often-jaded world. The Crone has a lot to offer. She is now the Keeper of the Wise Blood, the crowned one, the story keeper, the wise witch, the healer and more. She takes no nonsense, keeps a wise counsel until needed and calls a spade a spade. The Crone is sexy, feminine, vibrant, laughs loudly, loves deeply and has so much to offer.

Gateway to the Modern Crone is a book of personal stories, incantations, affirmations and ritual, ceremonies, meditation and embracing the Goddess within. Yes, it is for the sacred Crone however there are also ceremonies and activities for wise women of all ages. This book will encourage you to explore the Crone within.

Rise of the Wise Woman 48 Roads to Self-Discovery

Rise of the Wise Woman 48 Roads to Self-Discovery encourages women of all ages to be the Goddess, the Priestess, the Healer, the Witch, the Gardener, the Story Weaver and more. All of these are aspects of who you are and are symbolic of the awakening Wise Woman within. A beautiful and powerful book of personal discovery and messages for the journey!

The Story of Woman ~ The Mountain

The Story of Woman – Book 1 – The Mountain, reflects the journey of all women at different times in their lives. A significant spiritual, emotional and physical journey, written as a metaphor for our own journey, is being undertaken by Woman as she learns important lessons about herself along the way up her personal mountain. Ultimately, she reaches the pinnacle of her mountain and celebrates how far she has come on this journey. The end of one journey is really just the beginning of another. A beautiful book of story and messages.

From Grief to Goddess

Who is the Wounded Woman? In short, she is all Women. She is any Woman who has been persecuted, misunderstood, tortured, belittled and betrayed throughout history by any Man or any form of patriarchal rule; the same patriarchy that has raped and pillaged our Mother, our home, our Earth in the name of power. She is any Woman who has been persecuted by her own kind in the name of fear.

Our world has been out of balance for too long. It is our responsibility to bring unequivocal balance to the masculine and feminine, both within ourselves and to our planet. There needs to be a return to equality. We need to stop the systematic destruction of our natural world. The masculine and feminine can once again live in perfect harmony.